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I wanted to give some feedback on your family essences. We have been using all 4 at different times and have to say Thank you so much! 
The Mindful drops are absolutely amazing our son has ADHD and learning difficulties and we have been adding them to his water bottle for school as well as using the Zen spray and his teacher asked us what had changed as he is not only learning more in class, he is calmer and she mentioned he is retaining the information better.
Our older daughter is struggling with teenage years and so we have tried the Tranquil drops and she feels they help her feel less “angry and moody” I must admit I agree.
I’ve used the Rescue drops when I have been very stressed and also with my partner when she is stressed with work and other things and both of us love them. We have given them to the children when they have been distressed and even injured and have noticed they help.
We have tried the Dreamtime drops too and our littlest boy seems to really settle down easier and fall asleep faster.

Thank you so much for your amazing bath bombs, they were more like a full experience than just a bath bomb.
I have never felt so relaxed but I also felt like our entire bath was full of love.
Each bath I have had with one of your bath bombs have left my skin so nourished and soft, it’s like pampering, relaxation, a skin treatment and as they were advertised they were such an emotionally supportive experience. Thank you we will be ordering more.

Jess M

I just wanted to share my excitement with you all. There was two things I hated my husband using and that was generic underarm deodorant of which all contain aluminium, but that was easy to replace and his shaving cream! But now. Thank’s to this amazing lady I’m feeling very happy and relieved that we’ve been able to remove another toxin exposure from our lives! And use an all natural shaving cream! Beyond happy with it and you should all give it a try. Oh and it smells divine And to be able to support local business feels much better than supporting A multi million dollar company