Fear to Thriving - Mindful Body Connections

Have you noticed we as human beings have begun to buy into the story that our bodies are faulty, ticking time bombs set to go off at any time and create some terrible life ending illness.

Ironically, when our bodies work well, we rarely give a thought to the functions our organs and cells manage.
When is the last time you stopped and said ”Thank you” to your heart? Brain? Lungs? Or Blood cells? Our bodies are amazing they perform amazing feats as we push them to the limits, and yet we rarely say a basic thank you for what they do to keep us alive.

By Johnathan Petit

However, when we get sick we say things like “this dodgy leg of mine” or “my stupid thyroid is broken” and “I don’t know why by body doesn’t work properly”. Tell me, you can see the pattern here?

While our bodies are working optimally we show little, to no thanks and then we blame them when they are not working optimally. 

What if instead of blame or disgust we gave ourself some love? Thank you to my thyroid for for working as well as it does while under attack, I’m so grateful for all the work you do keeping my body working so well under pressure, let me give you some love. And then hold your hand over the area your thyroid is in and allow yourself to send love and intention to your thyroid thanking it and only sending love and positivity to yourself. This will work in the same way for any area of discomfort or that you feel drawn to.

By Taras Chernus 

Obviously this method will not treat an injury or illness in need of medical attention (if reading this injured and unsure what to do, call an ambulance or visit your chosen practitioner to gain qualified attention), this method also may not change your health immediately and in some diagnosis it might not change outcome at all, rather this method of connection is used as a daily tool of gratitude and to allow ourself the space to send love to ourself. As we do so we are reawakening our own connection to our body, opening the pathways to trust and healing. 

As souls living in human bodies we know it always feels better to receive love and kindness, if we are around picky or judgemental people most of us would want to run away. So imagine how our body feels when we speak to it harshly? Do you think healing will come faster in a positive or negative environment? You are the environment. Your physical body is where you reside so what will you choose for yourself?

You know the answer, and so it’s time to shift our mindset over to love and kindness for you / me / I . We chose these physical bodies to enjoy so enjoy them, nourish them well, do the things you know your body needs, connect to your body, observe what you eat and how your body responds, the same too with our social diet, if your body feels unsure around certain groups or people then respect that, take action if needed and thank yourself for that insight.

If at first this adds some physical discomfort, connect to that, breathe deeply and connect to what your body is trying to tell you. The more it’s aching the more you need to love it, because it’s letting you know something is up that you need to pay attention to, something needs to change. Thank your body for being so good at letting you know something is wrong and perhaps remind it you will pay attention to the smaller twinges and pains so it doesn’t need to remind you in such a painful way next time. In this way, you are setting up new thoughts pathways and positive patterns of connection to your body, reminding it that next time and every time after that, you will act at the first sign of discomfort. 

As you begin to trust connection to your body and listen to it, as well as give gratitude and love to yourself, your body will thank you for it and you might be amazed what your connected souls mind and body have to tell you. 

With love and gratitude ,


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